Airspeed Sensor for SBUS2

  • Indicated Airspeed (IAS):  ~10...450km/h
  • Weight: ~8g. incl. 30cm SBUS2 cable
  • size ~22x20x13mm
  • Native Airspeed sensor support with Futaba 18MZ 2.5.1 Firmware

Actual telemetry log from the testfly with my Boomerang Elan (click for full size):
  •  Short flight: take-off, some flying, landing, total stop, and taxiing on runway at the end.
  • Red line shows Indicated Airspeed as measured by the the Airspeed sensor (km/h)
  • Blue line is Altitude (m) for reference (as measured by standard futaba altimeter; it suffers Jet engine pressure disturbance, hence some inconsistent altitude readings) 
  • timeline is "minutes"
Refer to the guide below for further information
Ilkka Jauho,
Dec 13, 2015, 2:10 PM